Finding a permanent solution for printing is our ultimate goal!

  • The power of positive surprise – No matter how high your expectations, we always try to provide something “extra” to exceed them. We hope to create a sense of wonder, astonishment, amazement, or plain old relief whenever you need a special favor from your printer. We call it the power of positive surprise.
  • We never celebrate mediocrity. – If your printing doesn’t turn out the right way, we throw it away (in the recycle bin, of course) and start over. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, we won’t quit until your project looks exceptional.
  • We specialize in impossible deadlines. – Are you in a jam because of a tight deadline? Thanks for giving us the opportunity to help. Small miracles are one of the services we’re glad to provide. It’s kind of fun to see the look of relief on a stressed-out customer’s face when we come through in an unexpected way. It makes our day. So how can we help you?
  • We’ll work late, so you don’t have to. – Got a really big job? No problem. We’ll work late and start early if we need to. That’s why the early morning crew at Starbucks knows us by name.
  • We answer the phone. – Ok, it sounds simple, but you’re too important to us to put you through the hassle of using an “automated attendant” phone system. Since you’re a real person, we figure it’s only right that you get to talk to a real person when you call. Besides, we really like talking to you, so everybody wins. By the way, when you call, somebody nice will always answer.
  • Honest counts…with a few extras. How do you really know you’re getting the 5,000 envelopes you just paid for? With some print providers, you don’t. We provide accurate counts, and then… we give you a few extras, just to say thanks.
  • Happy employees – Have you ever seen a company with unhappy employees who had happy customers? Neither have we.

Our Difference at RushMyPrints

A Philosophy that Matters

We do what we do because:

  • We’re really good at we do
  • We love what we do, and find it uplifting on a personal level to help a company of any size achieve its goals
  • It’s all about YOU. Well, it should be. We think it’s ridiculous (wrong) that other consultancies all-too-often provide ‘solutions’ that by all accounts tend to be not really hands on, nor compellingly creative, and are frequently disappointingly un-customized (as well as overpriced!)

“every day a new challenge; every day a new opportunity”

There is an underlying idealism that has allowed Strategic Minds to develop a wide range of experience working closely with companies large and small, global and regional, across diversified industries. Throughout our involvement in any given project, it is imperative to us to remain committed to 4 ideals:

  • To be as good as we can be in every way we know to be – for as long as we are able to happily do so
  • To always think and work in the best interests of our clients
  • To “be there” for our clients in real terms from start to finish of a project… and a little bit longer too. (It is deeply disconcerting to us that some consultancies deliver proposals and action plans and quite simply seem to walk away from that point on.)
  • To always deliver relevant and immediately actionable solutions and charge “justified” fees for the work we undertake. We don’t leave you with a bunch of unintelligible ‘marketing models or reading material’ and we don’t take percentages of YOUR success.

When we work with you we guarantee at least:
Excellent Work. Unparalleled  Printing Service. Justified Prices. And always something more…

We offer a full-range of printing services including Business Cards, Letterheads and Envelopes, Books and Brochures, Flyers, Carbonless Business Forms and more.

some cool facts

Numbers speak for themselves

Years of Experience
Completed Jobs

Quality comes first! We make sure that every minute detail is looked into while manufacturing even the smallest product. Our focus is 100% on client needs and satisfaction. As our name implies we live and breathe Same Day Printing, with our quick design services and fast printing solutions including same day printing services, we guarantee that you have come to the right printing team for any of your on demand printing and offline marketing needs.


We specialise in super fast digital printing solutions producing your same day print orders in-house, you can have confidence that your offline promotional and marketing materials are being printed on the latest high quality digital printing technology using premium quality stocks and substrates.  Your printed marketing collateral is produced by experienced and qualified print industry professionals with not only decades of experience in printing, but also having experience with the marketing of boot strapped start-ups through to large multinational brand management.


We truly care about delivering you a tip top quality result as we want to create win-wins and for you to be a life time client. We are always ready to help you look and feel great in your next meeting, or your next event or at a trade show that you’re exhibiting at – even if it means we need to don the red undies and cape to help make it happen. Whether you feel you just need something standard to get you out of trouble or you are really aiming to stand out from the pack with something a special like die-cut, laminated and even foiled collateral, we’re here to help you.

We are the creators you can trust on for a perfect solution to all your needs.

Ensure your urgent business cards, postcards, marketing cards, stickers, flyers, greeting & specialty cards, booklets, books, retractable banners, promotional stickers, product labels, posters, outdoor banners, t-shirts, caps, aprons, shelf wobblers, bottle neckers, door hangers and much more, are printed quickly and accurately in high resolution, on premium quality stock, and dispatched on time with the Same Day Printing team

Need help with easier and faster printing solutions? We are experts by far!

Full Service Printing Company

We offer a full-range of printing services including Business Cards, Letterheads and Envelopes, Books and Brochures, Flyers, Carbonless Business Forms and more.

Custom Design Services

Bring us your ideas and we can build on them to produce the products you need. We can design custom wedding invitations, create a new logo for your business, or a promotional brochure.

Finishing the Job and Delivery

We also offer a wide selection of finishing options…. stitching, numbering, perforating, padding, and binding to give your product a professionally finished look.